What is the Counselling Service?

Our counselling services offer either generalised counselling or specialised self-harm and self-injury counselling. The service uses a person-centred trauma-informed approach, providing a one-to-one confidential and non-judgemental safe space for people who require counselling. We work with individuals to understand their own needs as well as offer a specialised service for those who self-harm and/or self-injure  to understand their self-harm and/or self-injury. 

Our counsellors work with the person to explore and understand their needs. We will work with you to implement coping strategies, distraction techniques with the aim being to help the person.

If you are seeking self-harm or self-injury counselling, there are many reasons why a person may self-harm; to cope and manage, to tolerate deep psychological emotional distress (this may be a result of something they have done or had done to them) or because of things feeling out of the persons own control. If you need support, we’re here to help you.

How Can I Access the Counselling Service?

What can we offer?
  • We offer one-to-one counselling sessions lasting 50 minutes, which are bespoke to the needs of the individual; we work to reduce barriers and stigma by providing face-to-face, telephone or online counselling. 
  • If you are seeking self-harm and/or self-injury support, the service adopts a person-centred approach to work with self-harm and self-injury reduction to provide the tools for people to manage their emotional and mental health, to help people understand and identify triggers and develop strategies/coping mechanisms for themselves that is bespoke to them to reduce harm, this approach is based in the first stages of trauma work safety and stabilisation.
Who can access the service?
  • Our free counselling services are open for people aged 16+ residing in the Swindon Borough.
  • If you live outside of the Swindon area, we will explore your options, including paid-for counselling sessions or alternative counselling services available in your area. 
How can I make a referral?

What are the Opening Hours of the Counselling Service?

Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

How Do I enquire about the Counselling Service?

Tel: 01793 547150
Email: [email protected] 

"This proves to me I can fight whatever is going on." - Maya

"Counselling has helped me with managing thoughts more easily and how to look after myself." - Ollie

"I have learnt to address and share my feelings, before I used to bottle everything up and panic to the point of making myself ill and now I have much healthier outlook." - Ada

"I have never had a counsellor before (or any professional even) who has given me what I need or listened to me. No professional had ever been helpful, so this experience has completely changed me; I now have trust." - Elliot

"A mother of a person accessing your service was moved to tears by the impact your sessions have had on her child. She wanted me to share that the work you have done with her has been incredible and had a profound impact and she is extremely grateful for your hard work." - Susan

"I think I am getting more of an understanding to the way I think and see the world and not everything is right or wrong." - Adam

"I've been able to appreciate the smaller achievements and not see them as a negative". - Amelia

"I love seeing and talking to you. It helps me being able to talk to someone. You have listened to me and helped me". - Miles

"I feel I can more easily deal with panic, don’t feel so angry and I feel heard and listened to which has had big impact on me. Someone has taken notice of me." - Poppy

"The counselling has been a revelation for me and has made a huge difference in my life. Theresa has been an amazing support and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to talk and work with her which has helped me." - Ethan

"I feel more empowered, and I know myself more and understand what makes me tick and why and this has put me on a good path to continue improving". - Layla

"I now consider myself clean and off addiction and feeling more positive." - Finn


What people ask about the most…


What is the background of the staff and volunteers who work within the service?

All of the counsellors meet the required qualification and membership to an appropriate Governing Body which allows them to practice as a counsellor.


I’m currently self-harming, am I still able to receive support from your service?

Yes, we are a counselling service who can work with people who struggle with self-harm and self-injury.


I’m experiencing suicidal thoughts; can I still receive support from your service?

Yes, if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, we will work with you to help create safety plans.


I have suicidal thoughts with active plans, can I receive support from your service?

We will work with you, but we would recommend that you contact more immediate support services available to ensure that you receive the appropriate support sooner rather than later. 


I’m receiving counselling from another health service; can I still receive support from you?

If you are receiving counselling from another service, you will not be able to also receive counselling with us. However, we can add you to our waiting list for when you have finished your counselling with the service currently supporting you.


I’m currently homeless, can I receive support from your service?

Yes, as long as we are able to contact you, we can support you with counselling even though you are homeless.