The Junction

What is The Junction?

An evening service for those who require support with their mental health. Providing a non-clinical space to gain support for up to 14 evenings. The Junction offers a safe place for those who live within Swindon or on the Border.

What can we offer?
  • We can help reduce distress by offering face-to-face or telephone appointments with our team to improve your mental health.
  • We will help support you to become more aware of your emotions and triggers, express feelings in healthier ways, build the thinking before acting and ways to ground yourself, and manage stress in a more balanced manner.
  • This includes taking care of any physical health needs- seeking medical help to build a better care routine or creating a support network with others, professional or non-professional.
  • The friendly team will provide support with referrals to other organisations and allow medical professionals to visit our site to administer medication.
Who can access the service?
  • Anyone who is 16+ and lives in Swindon or is registered with a Swindon GP.
How can I make a referral?

How Can I Access The Junction?

All persons who wish to access the service must be referred in via our referral form –

If you are a professional, you can also refer via the above link. 


What are the Opening Hours of The Junction?

Monday to Sunday: 4 PM – 11 PM 

The Junction is a 365-service that helps people at times of urgent mental health need. 

How Do I Contact The Junction?

Tel: 01793 547150
Email: [email protected] 

"It has been nice to talk to somebody who listens and gives advice. Not judgemental." - Sara

"I felt listened to and supported with a friendly team at The Junction." - Ava

"Having someone to talk to about your problems and they are always helpful." - Phil

" The team are very patient, kind, and caring. The service is very non-judgemental, and I can talk about anything." - Scott

"The Junction is for people who are really struggling with their mental health and feeling suicidal." - Clara

"The phone calls have been very helpful and I have found out about other services I didn’t know about." - Stevie

"It's been very helpful, the team listen to me and provided good distraction techniques. The Junction is a very comfortable and welcoming place to visit also you can refer yourself in and you can do that multiple times". - Ben


What people ask about the most…


What Is a Safety Plan?

A safety plan helps navigate suicidal feelings and urges. It can be a way to plan how to communicate and check in with others supporting you to reduce and prevent a future crisis.


Can I refer in again?

Once you have completed your support with The Junction you can refer in after two months of your exit date.


I’m receiving support from another health service; can I still receive support from you?

Yes, you are welcome to receive support from us even if you are receiving support from other services. During our busy periods, we will prioritise those who are not receiving support from any services if appropriate.

What support do you provide?

We provide people with person centred support with the Five Ways to Wellbeing Model. This means that we will work closely with you to help guide and support you through a Wellbeing Plan. If there’s something we’re not quite sure of we will work with you to help find an additional support from the appropriate service.

I have active plans to suicide can I receive support from the Junction?

We do not support someone who is in crisis and would urge you to gain immediate professional help so that you gain the help you need sooner.


I’m experiencing suicidal thoughts; can I still receive support from your service?

Yes, if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, we will work with you to help create safety plans.


What is the Five Ways to Wellbeing Model?

The Five Ways to Wellbeing Model (New Economics Foundation, NEF, 2008) is an evidence-based model which includes five key messages around social relationships, physical activity, awareness, learning and giving. This has been spilt into: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give.


Does the Junction provide Counselling?

The Junction does not provide counselling sessions; however we use evidence-based approaches that can help you- such as grounding and safer self-harm techniques. The team can explore other organisations that could provide counselling services.


What happens if my referral is declined?

We will work closely with you or the person who referred you to signpost you to the appropriate service. A referral can also be reviewed again upon request. We welcome re-referrals should you wish to access our services in the future.


What is the background of the staff and volunteers who work within the service?

Most of our staff have a background in a recognised healthcare field, this could be counselling, Psychotherapy, nursing, psychology, social work and many more. Our volunteers have a variety of backgrounds and are kind enough to give their time to our projects to help support our services. All staff and volunteers are recruited through our policies and policies, this includes receiving an enhanced DBS check and reference checks.