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Gloucestershire Support

Support in Gloucestershire:

The Alexandra Wellbeing House will be temporarily closed until further notice for Guest stays. We are still accepting referrals for when we re-open. Although we are currently unable to provide in-person or face to face support we are offering a variety of telephone support from our wellbeing teams across our services.

As an alternative, Alexandra Wellbeing House will be offering the following:

  • Telephone Wellbeing Support to all previous Guests during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak period across the UK.
  • Accepting new referrals from Gloucestershire NHS Teams and Third Sector Organisations for service users who would be interested in Telephone Wellbeing Support.

Telephone Wellbeing Support will provide:

  • Weekly Telephone Call with the Gloucestershire Wellbeing Team.
  • Safety and Support Planning via Five Ways to Wellbeing Model.

How do I Refer?

If you are interested in referring somebody on their behalf for either Alexandra Wellbeing House (2 Week Package) and/or Telephone Wellbeing Support please complete a referral, available here, alongside an internal risk assessment from your organisation within the last month.

  • The team will respond to you and the person being referred with 4 working days to provide an outcome on the referral made.
  • Assessments will no longer take place at the service but will take place via telephone.
  • Referrers will no longer be required to attend/support assessments with the person being referred. However, staff may contact the referrer following an assessment for additional information.
  • An outcome of the assessment will be provided to both the person being referred and the referrer within 2 working days from the assessment taking place.

If you can think of anyone who would be interested in this service, the referral form can be found here.

If you would like further information, please contact alexwellbeing@sgmind.org.uk or Services Manager, Gloucestershire ieuanedwards@sgmind.org.uk